How to: set up Rently Smart Home App

Follow these steps to seamlessly set up your Rently Smart Home App:

  1. Invitation Received:

   – Look out for an invitation email from Management via Rently guiding you through the setup process.

Rently Smart Home Setup

  1. Download the App:

   – Using your device, download the Rently Smart Home App by selecting the provided option in the email that corresponds to your device.

  1. Registration:

   – Register using the same email address that received the invitation.

  1. Accept Invitation:

   – Accept the invitation within the app to proceed with the setup.

Rently Smart Home App

  1. Guided Setup:

   – Follow the intuitive directions to set up your access, customize your access code, and personalize your preferences.

Experience the convenience of your Rently Smart Home App by effortlessly following these steps.