How To: Enter a Work Order

To submit a warranty service/maintenance request, follow the steps below: 

  1. Open the “Resident Center App” on your enable device. 
  •  Select “Requests”. 
  • Select “Create Request”. 

Please submit each work order individually: 

A. Select either “Maintenance Request or General Inquiry”. 

B. Select the category that best describes your request. 

C. Enter pertinent information in the “Description Section”. 

D. Attach Pictures if Applicable.  

  1. You will also have access to the web-based version of “Resident Center Portal” after your Move-In is completed in Buildium. You will receive a “Welcome Email” that will provide you with a link to setup your account.
  2. Once your request is submitted, a member of Warranty/Maintenance Team will provide you with an update on your request. Please anticipate receiving notifications on the progress of the work order through the app or any enabled devices.


* If you cannot access the homeowner portal or experience technical difficulties, contact Buildium Support 888-414-1988 or contact our office 972-479-8899 and request to speak with Property Management.